ZEISS Axiocam 712 Colour

ZEISS Axiocam 712 Colour

All-round 12 Megapixel Microscope Camera

This 12 megapixel scientific grade camera combines a large image sensor, small pixel size, precise colour rendition and fast imaging speed. The CMOS sensor delivers more than 20 frames per second with a 17.5 mm diagonal large field of view. You can now acquire large specimen regions quickly and with uncompromised image quality. The large field of view reduces the number of tiles required to image largest samples, and so drastically accelerates tiling experiments.

Axiocam 712 color is a highly evolved digital colour camera addressing the needs of scientific microscopy, including documentation, reporting and analysis. Fast and artifact free imaging with optimized color reproduction makes your work comfortable and efficient. In addition, exploring your sample on the screen, instead through the oculars, becomes a true and very convenient alternative.

Recommended For

  • High-resolution microscopy
  • Large region imaging
  • Medical imaging
  • Material science research
  • Macroscopic imaging
  • Pathology


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