SciAps Z-902

SciAps Z-902

The latest generation LIBS for alloy analysis with carbon capability

The Z-902 + features an all-new ergonomic design, a 0.5 lb. weight reduction down to about 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg), improved heat dissipation, and completely updated software and processing electronics.

The Z-902 + also leads the way featuring the first-ever “dual burn” technology. Users can test with the Z-902 + either using an “air burn” method or using argon-purge for applications requiring higher precision and lower limits of detection.

The analyzer uses two spectrometers to extend the  wavelength range to 190 – 620 nm. The instrument is factory calibrated for a suite of 15-20 elements, depending on application. Or operators may use the accompanying Profile Builder software package to customize to specific elements, their own calibration standards, and spectral processing.  The Z-902 + can be set up to measure the emissions of any element. Common factory-calibrated Z-902 + applications include alloy and aluminum.


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