SciAps X-50

SciAps X-50

Entry level XRF for precious metals

The “classic” model for many applications at a great value price.

The X-50 features PiN diode technology, which is the previous generation detector prior to the advent of silicon drift detectors. The PiN technology processes a factor of 10x – 20x lower X-ray rates than the silicon drift detectors, and has resolution that is about 70 eV less (greater width). However, for many applications, such as basic sorting of stainless, high temp, and copper alloys, or to analyze base or heavy metals in soils, ores, powders, etc., the PiN technology is satisfactory. The X-50 will NOT measure Mg, Al or Si in alloys. For some materials, X-50 can measure P and S at the 1% level. Limits of detection will be 3x higher (elevated) compared to SDD versions of the X. However, the X-50 features an attractive price point for the applications that work well. The X-50 includes the same advanced X-ray tube as other X models (operating at 40 kV max.), integrated camera, macro-camera, video, and the Android OS platform. The X-50 is available for alloy, environmental, mining/exploration, precious metals, car catalysts, coatings and an empirical app for industrial and user-customizable applications. Analyzers may be factory calibrated with fundamental parameters, Compton Normalization (EPA Method 6200), or user-defined empirical calibrations.


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