ZEISS Axiocam 506 Colour

ZEISS Axiocam 506 Colour

6 Megapixel Microscope Camera for Fast True Colour Imaging

This high quality 6 megapixel color camera offers you an amazingly fast live image and acquisition speed despite its large pixel count and the very large 16 mm diagonal field of view. This makes it the camera of choice whenever large sample areas have to be screened and recorded by taking many image tiles repeatedly in a minimum amount of time due to reduced number of tile positions. This is extremely beneficial in acquiring large pathological tissue sections or large coloured materials samples.

Recommended For

  • Colour imaging applications in life sciences and materials science
  • Co-observation with fast high resolution live image in high quality colour with a very large field of view
  • Large pathology, cytology and materials samples
  • Fast tile scanning applications
  • Broadest range of intensities and exposure times


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