Introduction to Microscopy & Digital Imaging (IMDI)

The Introduction to Microscopy & Digital Imaging (IMDI) course is aimed at all people using a Materials Microscope in their daily work. We cover the range of microscopes available to the materials laboratory, the applications of such instruments, their correct operation, assorted contrast techniques for getting more information from your materials, and to capture and use the information provided. Anyone needing a genuine understanding on microscopy for the examination of materials or even just a ‘refresher’ will benefit from this course regardless of experience level.

On completion the delegate will be familiar with the broad range of microscopes and the contrast techniques available for use with a wide range of materials. Additionally the delegate will have a complete understanding of the current technologies available for image capture and some of the more sophisticated software techniques used to interpret and present the data.


Training Courses Available

The MetPrep training courses are designed to cover specific areas of interest for the Materials Technologist and Metallographer alike. Please call for further details

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