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Operate every one of your devices with the same convenient interface. Smart Setup, the intelligent control centre, will automatically generate the settings for you, regardless of the microscope types. Aiming for reproducible experiments? So long as you have one raw image from a previous acquisition, a simple click lets you replicate the exact experiment precisely. You will find plenty of other smart automation, some guide you for rare events detection, and others assist you with hardware calibration.

More than 180 image processing tools help you transform and manage your data. Simply search the keyword of your intended method, e.g., kymograph or deconvolution, ZEN will lead you straight to it. ZEN will read the metadata of the input image, then display only the logical processing steps, and optimize the default parameters automatically. You can even process images from other platforms using third-party import tools. With a dedicated workspace, you can also batch process multiple images with ease for quantitative and unbiased results.


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