ZEISS Technical Cleanliness

ZEISS Technical Cleanliness

Identify the route cause and make the right decisions faster

Technical cleanliness plays an important role, especially in areas where components are manufactured, such as electrical engineering or the automotive industry. If contamination occurs at particle-sensitive points, this can quickly lead to functional impairments or even malfunctions. If the residual dirt in a system is so low that no damage occurs, it is considered technically clean.

  • Faster standard analysis
    Detect shiny metallic particles with only one filter scan
  • Faster particle classification
    Combine light microscopy and electron in a seamless workflow
  • Faster decision making
    Analyze the chemical composition of critical particles to identify the source of contamination
  • Faster documentation
    Create cleanliness reports that meet all current industry standards in one work step
  • Faster particle inspection
    Verification with integrated machine learning algorithms


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