Welcome to the MetPrep’s Applications information page

Here you will find assorted technical publications related applications that are related to day to day life in the Metallographic Laboratory. We will regularly update this page as we generate more data on on interesting projects.

If you require any further information on any of these applications please feel free to contact the MetPrep office at sales@metprep.co.uk and we will get back to you regarding your query.


Application Note 001The Sectioning, Preparation and Analysis of Meteorites using the Brillant 220 cutter & accessories
Application Note 002The Preparation of Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron
Application Note 003 The Preparation of Carbon Fibre Composites
Application Note 004The use of Vibratory Polishing in the Preparation of an Aluminium 1070 Alloy for EBSD
Application Note 005The use of Vibratory Polishing in the Preparation of Stainless Steel Type 316L