Newly released Zeiss Axiovert 5 & 7 microscopes available to view in our Coventry demonstration laboratory

ZEISS Axiovert Inverted Microscope System for the Materials Lab and Smart Documentation. This inverted microscope is a joy to use in the materials lab for routine and research tasks. With an ergonomic design and smart technology, let the system take care of selecting optimal settings for a consistently well illuminated and sharp image. With Axiovert 5, you don't even need a PC to view and document images – just connect with a monitor and save directly to a USB device.

Expand Your Possibilities

This is Smart Microscopy

Always stay focussed on your sample, thanks to smart microscopy. Camera settings such as white balance, exposure time, and image enhancement functions are done automatically. Without needing additional imaging software or even a computer, you can:

  • Snap images and record videos directly
  • Use a mouse ( and optionally, a keyboard ) to control your camera via On Screen Display ( OSD )
  • Save settings
  • Store images with all microscope and camera metadata as well as scaling information
  • Predefine the name or rename your image
  • Browse and view your snapped images with the file browser
  • Connect to Wi-Fi or a network, independently from the ZEISS Axiocam you're using
  • Save your data directly at the stand via a USB device

Axiovert 5 Expand Your Possibilities - Component 3
Axiovert 5 Expand Your Possibilities - Component 2
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