MetPrep Download & Support web page updated

New category Application Notes and additional information now added

We are pleased to have started to add a range of ‘Application Notes‘ to our Downloads & Support page.

In addition to our Safety Data Sheets, our popular Preparation Procedures & Technical Data Sheets, we are now offer additional ‘Application Notes‘ to help support you in your day to day life in the materials laboratory.

These notes will highlight interesting and useful applications which will hopefully give you detailed information on some of the MetPrep equipment and consumables in operation.

Many operations we undertake are commercially sensitive but where possible, we will reveal assorted techniques and tips to support you in your work.

In addition to the new Application Notes, we have also uploaded Kevin Smith’s Royal Microscopical Society Diploma – The Role of Microscopy in the Preparation and Evaluation of Metallographically Prepared Materials. Completed in 2015 and comprising 117 pages of detail and figures this publication will hopefully aid in your understanding of Material Preparation and the Consumables that you use to prepare your materials.

We hope you will find the new additions to our site both interesting and informative.

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