MetPrep are pleased to announce the release of the new QATM Qpol GO system

When it is difficult to decide whether to invest in a Manual Grinder Polisher of a Semi Automatic system, MetPrep can now offer the Qpol GO system as a solution.

Based on our new Qpol 250 & 300 M1 & M2 grinder polishers, it is now possible to retrofit a dedicated preparation head to your existing Qpol 250 or Qpol 300M. This is ideal for when you require greater control and / or higher throughput as situations change within your laboratory.

With the ability to set the head to the correct force and an independent loading specimen holder suitable for up to 4 off 40 mm samples, you are immediately ready to advance your facilities preparation capabilities.

CLICK HERE to read more about the Qpol GO system

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