MetPrep launch Weld-Check Pro Imaging System

A self contained system for Weld examination, recording and analysis. With built in 5MP colour camera, unique optics, inbuilt LED illuminator and linked directly to the Zeiss ZEN innovative software allows the capture, recording, measurement and reporting of your weld samples.

Whether mounted or unmounted the samples are placed on the glass stage for instant focus, auto exposure within the Zen software allows for fast focus & correct exposure in seconds. Manual adjustment of image is also possible if required. The Zeiss ZEN software also allows full measuring capability.

A simple connection to an external PC or laptop by a USB3 connection allows rapid transfer of images and data plus the unit can be sunk into a bench for rapid processing in a production environment.

Interested? If yes please contact your local Areas Sales Manager or our Sales department at or telephone us on 02476 421222. More information coming shortly

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