ZEN core – powerful software for microscopy imaging and analysis, automated control of motorized ZEISS microscopes, and multi-modal workflows in material laboratory environments.

Easy to Configure – Easy to Use

Benefit from an adaptive user interface tailored to the needs of industrial and research environments. ZEN core offers you configurable user management to specify users and roles. Whatever their level of experience, operators will learn the software quickly.

Advanced Imaging and Automated Analysis

ZEN core is the command centre for automated imaging and analysis functions on compound light microscopes. By using built-in automated image acquisition routines, you benefit from the consistency of an advanced and repeatable workflow.

System variants of the Particle Analyzer based on SteREO Discovery.V12 & Axio Imager .Z2m

From entry-level stereo microscopes to fully automated imaging systems

ZEN core provides a unified user interface for ZEISS microscopes and cameras. ZEN core enables the correlation of light and electron microscopy in multi-modal workflows and provides connectivity between systems, laboratories, and locations.

Microscope and camera control
Data acquisition and analysis
Correlative microscopy
Post-acquisition analysis
Automated intelligent segmentation

Contextual analysis
Integrated reporting
Central data management
Connectivity between systems, laboratories, and locations

Materials Modules for Metallography Applications

Including modules for the determination of grain sizes, phases and layer thicknesses as well as for the classification of graphite particles and non-metallic inclusion analysis, ZEN core provides all important metallographic applications under a uniform user interface.

Coating analysis

Solutions for Industrial Cleanliness

Developed in close collaboration with companies in the automotive industry, who had a specific need for powerful yet easy to use particle identification and classification systems. This means that current industrial cleanliness standards been taken into account, and usability concerns are addressed for the typical industrial environment, where not every operator is a microscopy expert and solutions are deployed at multiple sites around the globe.

ZEISS particle analysis solutions are compliant with the following cleanliness norms and standards:
– ISO 16232
– VDA 19.1

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